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Cloud Engineering

At CustOS Engineering we hear more and more from customers that want to get rid of costly on-premise hardware altogether. They are tired of the expensive maintenance, the never-ending renewal of equipment, and the constant hassle of trying to keep up with competing technologies.

We listened by ensuring our engineers have complete and up to date training on all major cloud platforms including but not limited to AWS, G-suite, OpenStack and Azure. Over the past several years CustOS has migrated numerous customers to the cloud on different levels from complete migrations to hybrid cloud / on-premises environments. Doing so in such a way that is completely unobtrusive to customer business operations. We strove to make this a flawless and simple process that allows our customers to stay up and running without ever missing a beat. Allow our engineers to walk you through the process from deciding what environment is the best fit for your company to making the necessary changes to your infrastructure.

At CustOS Engineering we offer migrations as a turn key project but, many of our customers are taking advantage of our Full-Service Cloud Management. This management platform allows our customers to realize immense savings over keeping a full time IT staff yet feeling confident that CustOS is in their corner. Contact us today for a consultation on how the cloud can transform your business to be more efficient and scalable than ever before. With CustOS Engineering and cloud computing your IT is now more like “set it and forget it”, knowing that CustOS is on the job ensuring that you don’t have to be.