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Company History

Custos: [kuhs-tos] Latin- guardian, keeper, or custodian

CustOS Engineering was created out of a market need. The need for a provider with solutions built around what’s best for you, the customer, not hardware sales. Most IT service providers have strong hardware sales requirements as part of doing business. This has put most IT services providers in the position of showing bias toward specific solutions due to hardware sales requirements instead of the best technical or financial solutions. In forming CustOS Engineering, we built all of our offerings from the ground up with nothing but the best solution for each problem in mind. Not being bound to specific hardware providers allowed us to have the freedom to put ourselves in the customers shoes and truly ask the hard questions, as if we actually are the end-users and business owners. We have found this approach to be more than successful, providing solid solutions with highest possible TCO and ROI.

Being vendor agnostic and utilizing our engineering services platform puts CustOS Engineering in the forefront of the IT services field. Our skills, competencies, and relationships allow us to customize your environment and give you the tools needed for success. From the beginning, we built CustOS Engineering with a set of values that we as a company stand upon to this day. We firmly believe it is these same values that are the reason we are continually chosen as the go-to IT service provider. These Core Values are as follows:

  1. Treat the customer as if they were family not a dollar sign.
  2. Continually be on time and under budget.
  3. Ensure the customer’s network is secure, scalable, and reliable.
  4. Always exceed the customer’s expectations.

By continually living out these core values we have developed a customer base that is not only secured by the fact that CustOS has their best interest at heart, but they are loyal. Loyalty is the best example to us, that CustOS is doing what’s right by our customer. Contact us today and see how your IT department should truly make you feel!