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Managed IT Services

CustOS Engineering has taken Managed Services to the next level with our multi-tiered approach that gives you the option to pick and choose what services best fit into your company. We provide a highly scalable offering that allows your IT to grow at the pace of your business. Whether you’re a company of ten employees to one of thousands CustOS has the tailored fit that’s right for you. From Complete Managed Services to a Co-Managed platform we integrate seamlessly into your environment bringing exactly what you need on your team. Complete Services Platform is designed specifically for small businesses with 100 or less employees and usually doesn’t have a dedicated IT department. Giving you such things as:

With CustOS Engineering’s Complete Services Platform you get all this and so much more. IT staff members come and go. CustOS is here to stay. We aim to make your business our number one priority with the absolute best IT environment possible at a fraction of the cost of full-time IT department. Allowing you to have peace of mind and move into a place where your digital experience is never a second thought because it just works!