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Our Team

At CustOS Engineering, we believe the best business involves hiring the best people. With a small executive staff, we are able to remain agile and adust quickly to market changes. The following individuals comprise the management team.

Ben Austin

President, CTO, Lead Engineer

Husband, Father, and Engineer with a deep sense of community that brings Custos Engineering its core values and work ethic. He has worked as a high-level engineer and been a CTO for over twenty years. He as a founder brought CustOS Engineering to the fore-front of the IT services market with unparalleled skills.

Daniel Frye

COO, Project Manager, Account Executive

Father of two and family man he brings 20+ years of business management to CustOS Engineering. Utilizing his skills in planning and forecasting he makes the wheel of business continually turn. Ensuring that all customers and projects are handled in the most effective and efficient ways possible. These valuable skills allow CustOS Engineering to bring the most cost-effective solutions to the customer. He is most quoted around the office as saying, “On time Under Budget is the goal!”